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Every month our Academic Program team meets with our Educator Ambassadors to get inspired by guest speakers and customer stories or knowledge share and ask questions. Some of our most interesting sessions are those in which our Educator Ambassadors present on how they incorporate the Academic Program into their teaching.

There are a variety of ways in which educators have used our program, from embedding the assessments to including portions of the instructor led training videos in classes. However, it is often the case that students starting the course have different strengths and weaknesses, and varying levels of data literacy. During our meeting last Friday one of our educators explained that his students are required to take a Qlik data literacy assessment before beginning their course, this then helps to him to understand what training and resources could be useful to the students. This level test, our Data Literacy Persona Assessment, is provided for free by Qlik. It can be accessed through our ‘Data Literacy Program’ which you can navigate to inside the ‘Self-Paced Learning’ section.


It can be found at the bottom of the page under the subheading ‘Assessments’, you will then be directed to sign in with your Qlik ID to gain access to the test.


Our Data Literacy Persona test takes minutes, it includes 15 different questions and can be used to assess your current knowledge level and then establish the next steps in your training. Some of the questions are geared towards those already working in industry; however, it is still possible to answer the questions as a student to better understand both knowledge level and attitude. For example, are you a data newcomer? Someone who understands the importance of data but still needs to learn the foundations. This test will help you find that out, and once you have the results, you will be provided with a custom learning plan to help you get started on your journey.

Your learning plan will detail a variety of ways to get started, whether that be content available to you through the Qlik Continues Classroom, interesting YouTube videos or blogs and podcasts. The learning plan is themed around the crucial indicators of data literacy, for example reading, working with, analyzing and communicating with data. It is intended to be done over the course of 8 weeks, giving you optimum time to dip in and out of study when it’s most convenient.

If you have recently gotten access to the Academic Program but you don’t know where to start with all the resources available to you, then understanding your knowledge level with our Data Literacy Persona test could help you take that first step. To understand more about how you can access the test through our Academic Program, go to