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Contributor III
Contributor III

Deploy directly from Visual studio Code to QlikSense Server using extension or script

Dear All,

Anyone has done that before to deploy directly the changes we have done on scripts written in vscode to QlikSense server.

mainly all the scripts we have in vscode are now pushed to GIT merged there and we are copying manually the scripts from GIT folders to QS server destination.

what we want to do is once the Code is merged on Git , if we can use an extension in vscode or a script to send the changes done automatically to QS server without copying the files manually.

any idea how to do it.


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

That depends on what kind of Git integrations you have available for you.

I know Azure DevOps allows you to do some of that but you have to configure the hooks internally. In GitHub, I have less experience but should be essentally the same if you have the Enterprise Account.

In the end, you can use Git to validate your Commit, and do something with it. 

If your script file is external (through an INCLUDE), you should be all set with simple file-copies. Which would make this thread purely about DevOps and Git Integration (will have to brush off some of those skills).

If you're doing your work on QVFs or some other binary format then I believe we'll detour into a QlikRepository API conversation.

Both are possible, and I have some powershell code ready-to-go if we'redoing APIs. 


Please let me know how you want to steer the conversation and I'll try to get you going to the best of my ability


Thank you and Happy Qliking