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Hi Guys - 

A little feature that sometimes can be overlooked, can make a world of difference. Many know that the Master Items Library is a great way to store your reusable data visualizations, as well as expressions defined for your measures and dimensions. BUT did you know that you can quickly add your already defined expression to the Master Item Library without having to cut and paste and switch screens? Since the September 2019 release we have made it even easier to develop and encourage reuse -  you can now quickly add those expressions to the Master Items Library with a click of a button. Check out this 60 second video to learn how.

Learn more in 60: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DruqV98s_xk&list=PLW1uf5CQ_gSpuFutN7IbRfzWeI1kgGZrH


Mike Tarallo