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Qlik Fix: How to Find Qlik Connector Logs

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Digital Support

Qlik Fix: How to Find Qlik Connector Logs

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This video is part of the Qlik Fix Video series. If you found this video useful, check out the other Qlik Fix Videos.

This video demonstrates how to find two different types of Qlik Connector log files: the Connector logs themselves, and the Driver logs.

Here is a link to more information in the Support Knowledge Base:

Article - How To Collect Logs From Qlik ODBC Connector Package

Attached is a downloadable .mp4 video file for those who cannot view YouTube videos.


Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to Qlik Fix.
This video will demonstrate how to find the two different types of Qlik Connector log files, the Connector logs themselves, and the Driver logs.
Both types of log files will be necessary when investigating a Qlik Connector related issue.
The default location for Qlik Connector logs is on the C: drive
Program Data, Qlik, Custom Data.
There is a separate folder for each connector or connector package.
In this example, we’re be looking for an error with a connection to Microsoft SQL server, which is part of the ODBC Connector package.
The name of the log file begins with the name of the server machine where the Qlik Connector is installed.
Opening the log file, and scrolling to find the error message I’m interested in,
There was an error at this time, and it was a ‘Login failed’ error.
The connector log indicates the specific driver that was used for this connection,
in this case it’s MS SQL server, mssql.
That will be useful for the next step of turning on Driver logging.
By default, Driver logs are disabled.
To enable them while troubleshooting, Open the registry editor,
Locate the registry entries under Local Machine, Software, Qlik.
This folder contains subfolders for every driver that comes bundled with the ODBC connector package.
We want to look at the MS SQL Server, so locate this.
All of the subfolders have the same structure and similar registry settings.
Adjust the Log Level and Log Path settings.
The log level can be a value from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest level of logging.
For troubleshooting connections, set this to 6.
It’s recommended to use the same path as the connector logs, just to make it easier to find all connector logs.
Copy that folder path.
Paste in the registry value for Log Path.
The next time the connection is attempted, the driver log file will be generated.
The file is called Qlik Server ODBC Driver.
There is a lot of information and tracing date in these files.
Be aware when driver logging is enabled, and disable them once troubleshooting and log file collection has been done.
The file size for these logs even when everything is working fine is quite large and will affect performance in a production environment if left on.

I hope this helped.

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Thanks for watching.

Nailed it!


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