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Geo operations with ODAG


Geo operations with ODAG

Sometimes it's convenient to kick off a geospatial operation in runtime. Since all Qlik GeoAnalytics operations are performed at load time the operations are not available as an epresssion. One way to overcome this limitation is to use on demand app generation (ODAG).

  • This small example shows how to kick off travel area calculations for 10 capitals on demand.
  • The ODAG start app is used to limit the selection to 10 cities and launch the app with the result.
  • The selection is passed from the start app to the template app using ODAG bindings, see load script and documentation for more details.
  • The ODAG template app is used for defining the calculations and the look of the result app.

The examples is only possible to run in Qlik Sense Enterprise Server with ODAG turned on.

Qlik GeoAnalytics is required.

Upload the apps to the server with QMC.

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