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QlikView Examples Qlik GeoAnalytics


QlikView Examples Qlik GeoAnalytics

Examples for QlikView with Qlik GeoAnalytics.

This app shows an example of how the Binning feature can be used to create rectangular or hexagonal bins over Sweden. It also shows a drill-down hierarchy with two levels of rectangular bins and a point level. 

Chart Layer example
An example of how the Chart Layer can be used to plot data points on graphs (both bars and pies) using two dimensions. This example shows how the average house prices in Sweden have developed over time.

Polylines and Symbols example
An example showing how to use the Line Layer to create Polylines and the Bubble Layer to create Symbols from image URLs. 

Line Layer example – Storms
Example of Line Layer using Storm data to visualize historical storms. 

EU statistics example
Uses: Bubble Layer with latitude and longitude measures, bubble size and color by measure, Area Layer with location ID for country codes, area color by measure, transparency.

Drill down example
A drill down example with three different ways of using drill down data to visualize data. Sheet 1: Drill down based on State - County - Zip Sheet 2: Drill down based on Zip Sheet 3: Drill down based on Zoom level and Zip. 

Heatmap example
Uses: Heatmap Layer, drill down with layers active in different levels, Bubble Layer with visibility restricted to resolution limits. 

US flight delay example
This example shows how Line Layer, among others, can be used to show routes between different positions and include average departure/arrival delays in the appearance of the lines.

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