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Contributor II

Break/Split one long column into multiple columns

How can I break one long column into multiple columns in Qlik NPrinting? I want to generate PDF.

Thank you.

Final PDF should looks like this example below:


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Here is a hail mary pass attempt for you. Probably not exactly the solution you are looking for but it be sufficient as a short term solution.

See image below as it's pretty self explanatory.



Is there a way to do the full requirement with Pixel Perfect? If so I believe there is some scripting required to make this work as well.

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Please remember to always specify what kind of template you are developing. In PixelPerfect you can create a multi-columns report without the need of a script. Just select the details band where you want to enable the multi-column, set it in the properties and specify how many columns you want to have.

pxp multi columns report.png

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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