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Run NPrinting Report from Acces point

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement that i need to run a NPrinting Report from QV Access point IE Plugin.

I tried with a macro in the Client and it is working fine, but when i run from Access Point i am unable to achieve it and i am getting the below error . Please find the Macro in the attachment that was used and working from client.

Can someone  help me on this?

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Re: Run NPrinting Report from Acces point

Macros work differently on the server, some do not work at all.

There are lots of posts covering this, this post may help  macros not working on server

I generally avoid using macros.

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Re: Run NPrinting Report from Acces point

Thanks for the reply, I want to know if there is possibility of running an NPrinting Report from access point - IE Plugin?


Re: Run NPrinting Report from Acces point

The IE Plugin is no longer supported in NPrinting 16.0 and higher.

Please use the Full Browser Ajax Components to generate On Demand reports from the Access Point.

Requirements for NPrinting 14 and following versions

NPrinting On-Demand: Supported Environments

How to Use NPrinting On Demand Extensions in QlikView Documents

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