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Partner - Creator

Applying End User Filter in NPrinting 17


 I have a task created which send emails with reports attached to multiple users.  For one of the reports we have a small user base (3 users only) so I have created 1 filter (UserID is used as the filter) each for a user and applied the same in the task. The email received by the user will have data reduced based on his User ID.

Another task needs to be distributed to atleast 50 users. I do not want to create individual filters and tasks for every user. I need help in understanding if there is a better way to capture this requirement.

Please help.



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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Start from official help page where you can have videos and theory

There is no single solution for your requirement and there is no one right answer. The right answer would be dependent on set of requirements youw whole environment needs to meet, and we do not know them from your post.

User filters can be immported from external files (XLS), section access can also be used. At the end if you have a set of filters which need to be set for each user, this has to be maintained somwhere. If the same user receives different reports based on different sets of filters it adds to complecity. 

If you struggling with the concept of how to set it all up - get a Partner or Qlik Consultant for a day so someone can help you when having a clear picture what the bigger picture is.



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