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Contributor II

Conditionally Hide/Show objects in Nprinting HTML reports from Qlik Sense

I am creating an HTML report embed in Gmail where I need to conditionally hide and show the table object.

The specific table should be visible only when there are no filters applied to a particular field. (eg. Country)

If any values filtered in the Country field (eg. USA), the table should be disappeared from the report.

Is this something achievable without javascript where the Gmail body supports only inline CSS?

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HTML templates have not a feature to conditionally hide/unhide parts of them. 

You can:

  1. create a straight table in the source app that has rows of data only when you want to show the table in the HTML report
  2. refresh the connection cache
  3. create the HTML report
  4. open the HTML template in Qlik NPrinting Designer 
  5. add the straight table as a level. The level will be expanded with a row for each value in the straight table. No rows in the straight table will produce nothing in the generated HTML report
  6. insert the level in the template and the content you want between the opening and closing tags
  7. run a preview
  8. add the filter to the report in case you need
  9. create a task, add the HTML report and embed it into the email body. You can embed how many HTML reports you want in a single body

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Best Regards,
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