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How to sychronize QV-Reload and NPrinting task execution

Hi every one,

we are working with NPrinting V.17.2.1.

With the QV Management Console we start a reload of a x.qvw at 12 am. The reloading time depends on the amount of reloading data.

Direct after reloading we want to create a report with NPrinting and send an email to our customers. How can synchronize this ? Are there any ideas ?

One idea could be to create a variable in the x.qvw (e.g. IsQVreloaded) and to set a condition in the execution task. The task in NPrinting can now poll on this  IsQVreloaded variable. But when the variable is true and the the Email was sent, how can I stop the polling (the Email should send only once) ?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

My idea to solve a somewhat similar requirement was from the other way round - have QlikView run a supporting task after main reload task was finished, which would send a signal to NPrinting On Demand to generate the report.

It was an older version of NPrinting, though - I was sending the signal just by putting a .request file in an appropriate directory (so, all my supporting task was doing was running a very simple bat script that would copy this file into an appropriate place). Not sure how would it work with Qlik NPrinting, but still should be possible by using the .request file (How to Execute NPrinting Reports by External XML Request), or you could try using the NPrinting API POST method I guess (

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Hi Jakub, hi Avinash,

Thanks for information.

The 17.2.1 version seems to be very different from version 16.

There are no .nsq files, no xml interfaces. The information seems to be now in a postgres database with a browser interface.

So the way of XML Requests are unclear.

In addition there is no way to start a reload of a qvw file from the NPrinting interface. The only action is to send an Email or to send a report file to a folder (so far as I can see).

The API interface ( could be interesting we will check this way. Are there experiences anywhere?

Best Regards