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NPrinting 17.2 Import Task of Recipients dont update users

The new version of NPrinting has this set of actions in the Import Task window:

  • Create recipients if not present
  • Update recipients if modified
  • Remove recipients if not present in the import fileBy checking this option only users eventually added in a previous run of the same import will be removed. Other users, for example the ones manually added, will not be removed.
  • Create filters if not present
  • Update filters if modified

I did make work the Import Task process using the Excel Template. Now the problem its the recipients dont modified. For example if I have a user called Pablo Hotzmail in my template the import task works perfectly but then I fix the name to Pablo Hotmail. The task will fail telling me it cannot add two users with the same email (it detect the modified user as a new one and dont make the modification per se). Other thing that I noticed if I have a user with Filter1 and later I modified the template to use Filter2 instead of 1 the Import Task add the new filter but dont delete the old one so now my user has two filters in the NPrinting. Even though this option are selected the NPrinting its not behaving as it supossed to. Any help?

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

I have created a PowerShell script for this, which might be able to help you.

It imports the users automatically from the AD and outputs them to an Excel file, which then Nprinting can import:

Import Nprinting Users from Active Directory automatically

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Have you got any updates on this? I have the same problem.

Whenever I update the Filters or Groups list the new values are added but the old ones are not excluded. I also tried to import with blank values on Filter and Groups but got no luck, my old values are still there.

nPrinting 17.2




I was hoping in the new version of NPrinting (17.3) this would be solved but the problem still exists.