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Defect acknowledgement with Nprinting Engine May 2022 SR2, please READ HERE
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NPrinting 17 On Demand Error


I'm trying to download a report with on demand but the status sends me error.

Do you know why?

Thank you.

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi Verona,

first have a look at this post - it will help you to formulate right question:

How to get answers to your post?

We all know that you have an error as it is shown on your screenshot.

What you are not telling us is:

  • version & SR of QlikView
  • version & SR of NPrinting
  • if the report you are trying to download was working before
  • is this intermittent issue or new issue
  • what do you see in logs
  • did you turn on Debug logs in NPrinting?
  • are you able to run this report directly from NPrinitng (not via OnDemand)
  • was OnDemand configured and working previously in your environmnet?
  • were/are you able to runany other OnDemand reports?
  • Do you need to apply selections before you run report?
  • What is the expected output?
  • do you use section access?

These are just basic question we need to ask to get high leve understanding of the problem.

Maybe you can share little bit more light so we can actually help you with this.




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