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Creator II
Creator II

NPrinting Not working in access Point with Input Fields


I am using N Printing On Demand extension object.

I am using Input fields in my Qlikview document in some of calculations based on user input ex: 10% increase of Price but My On Demand report does not capture Price change % user inputted.

This is working on my Desktop client version where in Webview but not in access point .

When i generate on Demand report from access point it is generating report without price input %

Can you let us know is this some thing missed in my settings or is it limitation in N Printing?

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NPrinting is only able to pass selectible items based on table list box, chart selections etc.via On Demand.

It is unable to pass:

1. The value of a variable in conjuction

2.  with an input box.

Items dimensions values must be selectible for the OD reports to be generated. If the items you wish to report on are selectible, your report will generate normally.

Further, please beware that alternate states and the use of QV triggers are not supported and will cause potentially unexpected reporting results.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your response!!!.

My use case is User will Input the value and then he would like to generate on demand report to share in specified format.

Ex: Sales Forecast Object and he will adjust projected sales up by 10% for specified Future Quarter and then new Report exported to excel.

Tried with different options like creating BookMark and export BookMark object to excel thorugh On Demand but unfortunately we don't have option to replace BookMark in access point.

Do you have any idea to meet this requirement to capture New InputField values on to exported reports?

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Since NPriniong can only pass selectable fields, you may want to look into options where you can get the same result without directly inputting the inforamtion.  Some options (some may work beter than others) wouyld be a lsit box with values to increase/decrease projected sales, slider object, etc.  In the Nprinting trainign environment there are some good examples of a report being crated based on slections made in the application

How to Use Current Selections with On-Demand Reporting – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

NPrinting Training Material