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Partner - Contributor

NPrinting - Recipient based Filter Vs Cycling for report distribution via email

Hi All,

I am fairly new to the Nprinting and I apologize in advance if this is a repeat post. I am using Qlik Sense Nov 18 and NPrinting Nov 18 versions. I have read many posts on community and I think the ones that take me closer to my solution are following -

Cycle in NPrinting and Dynamic Mail

NPrinting: Send an e-mail per Cycled Report

Help with sending email/report to specific users

I am trying to e-mail an individualized Excel Report of User Performance with Performance of their corresponding Location on the second tab of the excel report to each user. This is for the user to compare themselves against the performance of their location (So, two tabbed excel report Tab1 - User's Performance Tab2- User's Location Performance). For example sales report of a Salesman A on Tab 1 and Sales report of Location North on Tab 2

So far the posts I have read suggest using Recipient based Filter to send Individualized report, this will solve my problem of sending personal user reports. The problem I have understanding is how to add location level information and create a second tab in the same excel report?

Also, when I gave this problem first shot I created a custom Excel Template with two tabs by default one for User another for Location (I wasn't using any functionality like PAGE to create a second tab). I created this excel report with CYCLE functionality (I cycled this report on User and Location Fields) which gave me the desired output. However, I had no clue on how to distribute these cycled reports to each user.

@Daniel_Jenkins , @Stephen_Jasionowski  any thoughts on what method should I use? Do I need to CYCLE through fields or Create Recipient based Filter or combination of both?

Also, can someone please help me understand exactly how to define user level filter in an Excel file before user Imports? I have around 400 users and it would save me a lot of time if I could do it in Excel Import task rather than doing it in Nprinting for each user. I went through this post, but the UI is very different and I got more confused.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I read through your questions and wanted to respond as I saw it didn't get any additional posts.

You have a few different topics, but I do realize you have a lot of users, have you thought about Distributing the report on the Qlik Sense Hub?

Also, have you tried creating a Pivot Table? The below guides will show how to use Table Columns and/or Levels.