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NPrinting | Skip empty levels


I have an NPrinting requirement I can't figure out.

My template contains a table showing the amount of complaints received per cause per type of material.  I've used type of  material as a level. This all works fine. But what I'm looking for is a way to ignore empty levels.

I've read a post about this topic with the solution to use a report filter.

But in my case the expression is more complex with set analysis and the way I see it, it can't be done with the use of a filter. Or am I missing somehting here?

Is there another way this can be fixed? Is pixel perfect an option? I have never done something with pixel perfect but if you can tell me that is the way to solve this requirement I will have to spend some time learning how to use that feature.

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Tamarah

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In Levels you can add fields, like type of  material, and you will have a level for each distinct value of the field also if it has no data. The Levels node accepts also straight tables, so you can create a new one with rows only for type of  material that have data, refresh the connection cache, close and reopen the Designer and add this new table in the Levels node. Then create the level, starting and ending tags, by dragging and dropping the type of  material table column tag instead of the one from the field.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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