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Nprinting report email not coming through after task run successful

Hi Everybody,

I am facing an issue where in my Nprinting task completes successfully without any warning or errors, but I dont get the resulting email.

I have checked the logs and there are no errors.

My email settings test out fine and the test email also works to the recepient email address.

Any ideas why this might be happening?


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Hi Mayank,

In the Report Task, have you checked the box for attachments but not attached any reports?

Report Task > Message > Attachments

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I have the attachments box checked and attached reports as well

The email comes though with the attachments box unchecked, but with it checked it doesnt come through.

Any ideas?


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Are there conditions on the reports that are not being met?

Are the reports "Active"?

Has the "Verify Filter" check box been checked for any of the filters that are being used? If a filter with "Verify Filter" is applied and the resulting data set is empty, then  NPrinting will not generate a report.