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Contributor III

Using Office 365 with SMTP Authentication in NPrinting

Has anyone had any success using SMTP via Office 365. We have recently moved our mail server over to Office 365 and have updated the SMTP settings in NPrinting accordingly as per the screen shot below. The "Send Test Email" Works fine here



However, when I run task that distribute reports via email, they are very sporadic ie sometimes they deliver successfully, sometimes they don't.

Below you can see the exact same task ran twice within 20 minutes of each other


Where Task 1, ran  at 10.26am ran fine and emailed successfully


But task 2, ran previously at 10:06am failed


We done lot of troubleshooting, looking at Firewall settings, ensuring correct ports are open etc but due to the inconsistent output results, am unsure of what to try next. Has anyone seen anything similar when using SMTP via office 365?










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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi guys. Thanks for the help. Turned out to be a firewall/port/IP issue that our network admin guys fixed in the end

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We actually have access to offfice365 smtp and it works successfully.

I checked your settings and they seem ok except for the format of the username.

Use this format and try again.






If this doesn't help it's something you will need to work with your email admin and IT network admin to determine where the issue is.


NPrinting server is basically a simple email client like MS outlooks or Thunderbird etc.

We only required correctly configured SMTP settings to send mail.


Hope the above helps...kind regards..

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Please check the SMTP anti-spam settings. Maybe there is a maximum number of emails that can be sent in a specific amount of time or a maximum attachments size that is exceeded only sometimes or a maximum number of connections opened by a specific sender. Qlik NPrinting opens a new SMTP connection when an email is ready.

More ideas are here

In the Qlik NPrinting logs you can see it the email was delivered to the SMTP server or if it returned an explicit error message.

Best Regards,
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@GavK this is an issue that happens not just with Office365 but with Gmail as well, they have policies in place to stop spam etc. and those need to be examined working with your Email Admins to be sure that emails from NPrinting are 'whitelisted'

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi guys. Thanks for the help. Turned out to be a firewall/port/IP issue that our network admin guys fixed in the end