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Variable Filter not Working nPrinting Excel Report

Hi Guys,


  • I have a QVW containing 3 Table Objects.
  • These Tables have multiple Date Columns like [Order Date], [Invoice Date] & [Payment Date]
  • Have an nPrinting connection with that QVW

What am I trying Achive?

I am trying to create Month-To-Date Payment report which should only show the Data where payment was made in the current month

What I have done so far to achieve this?

  • Created a Master Calendar in QVW from field [Payment Date] to eliminate repeating dates.
  • Have Created a new field [Payment Month Year] by extracting Month & Year from [Payment Date]
  • Created a Dynamic Filter in nPrinting to select current month year on that [Payment Month Year] field


What is the problem ?

  • I have applied this filter on the report level but not working
  • I applied at the task level and still not working
  • It is working fine when I open QVW and select current month manually
  • AND it is also working fine when I apply filter in Nprinting by selecting the month-Year Manually
  • It just not working as a variable.

The Reporting Task is also  finishing with success but the excel report still contains data for all the months.

According to the log.. it is also recognising the variable filter Date(Today(),'MMM-YYYY') as Apr-2016


Thanks you for your time

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try with separate filters

Year as max(year) and month as month(today())

Note: check month can be numeric/text  --> (to check on IsNumeric)

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Lokesh,

This discussion (and the sample project) should give you some ideas previous month data

HTH - Daniel.