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Community Manager
Community Manager

Where are the user created documents/articles for NPrinting?

Looking for NPrinting articles that were created by other users/members? They were moved to their new home here:

They are all broken up by the appropriate label, you can search by a label and subscribe to labels. 

Remember official Qlik Support articles for NPrinting can be found here: 

The NPrinting document board has been retired. 

Sue Macaluso
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Hi @Sue_Macaluso 

Were all articles migrated? I am having issues finding any NPrinting 16 articles (there was whole bunch of original Vizubi tutorials which Qlik inherited from Vizubi). I know those were old and I know that NPrinting 16 is out of support but still... I used them when dealing with legacy product questions as well as for myself to remind how things were in NPrinting 16 so I could be aware. 

Example of document I am looking for:

cc: @Ruggero_Piccoli & @Frank_S 

appreciate your help finding those missing documents.



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@Lech_Miszkiewicz There still are articles but you have to search, for example


Best Regards,
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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

this is what I get when I click on the links you provided:



I can walk on water when it freezes

@ali_hijazi I get the same thing, so you are not alone! @Sue_Macaluso