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nPrinting Metadata reload stuck in Queue

Currently using nPrinting 17.1.2

Trying to reload my meta data for an application in nPrinting.  When i initially established my connection to the application, it seemed to work fine.  I received a Connection Status = 'Ok', and eventually had a 'Generated' cache status and even had the time stamp for when the reload finished. 

However, after trying to reload the meta data a minute later (nothing changed in the application).  I still receive a Connection Status = 'Ok', yet the Cache Status is stuck on 'Generating' and i never see a time stamp for Last Cache update.

i checked the log files and see the message 'Reload metadata task ##################### sent to queue'

I found a discussion similar to this, and their solution was to stop and start nPrinting services, i had done that originally to just get the system to connect to my Qlik Sense applications.  I don't want to have to keep doing that every time i have to reload my metadata.

Any possible solution?

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Greg -

Upgrade to 17.3. There is a fix that resolves the issue of having to stop/start the services to complete a metadata reload. Additionally, there are many fixes and enhancements related to Sense (I would personally not recommend anything earlier than 17.2.1 for Sense reports).

Contributor II
Contributor II

In 17.3 also i have same issue. Still any other ways to resolve this with out  doing  services restart. In Sep 2018 i am not able to generate the connection it is running for long time.