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Loading Data From Google Sheet With Multiple Tabs

Hello All,

Please can you tell me, is it possible to load data from a Google Sheet which has more than one tab.

I have tried to do so by selecting 'Share' then 'Get shareable link', updating the privacy settings. Then, on Qlik, I chose to connect a Web File and then copy this link.

When I do this, only one table appears and none of the field names or values are correct.

Is there a way of loading the data correctly? Or do I have to save each tab as its own document?

Thank you in advance,


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Re: Loading Data From Google Sheet With Multiple Tabs

You need to use sheet parameter in gviz query to access the sheet by name:

Query Language Reference (Version 0.7)  |  Charts      |  Google Developers

Replace yourspredsheetkey and sheetname with your values to get html table:


sheetname needs to be encoded to replace special symbols.

You can use very convenient Encode/Decode tool on the query language reference page above.

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