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Qlik SaaS Utils to automate management tasks

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Qlik SaaS Utils to automate management tasks

Hi all,

I've been using Qlik SaaS since the first release, Qlik Cloud and whenever I needed to upload new apps, extensions and themes for new or existing deployments, I thought it was a waste of time. With Qlik SaaS's unlimited storage, files have grown tremendously, and with great viewing capabilities, users and apps have followed this trend. My tasks too!

Well, I started studying Qlik SaaS APIs last year (thanks to @Clever_Anjos) and created some scripts to help me do my work on new or existing deployments. These tools were written in Powershell version 7 and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. They are:

  • qlik_saas_upload.ps1 - This line command was designed to help create new tenants and automatically upload Apps, Extensions and Themes, and Files too. All of them based on the local directories. If you want to upload multiple apps to multiple Spaces, just create local directories with the desired Space names and put the QVFs there. When you call this script, it will create the Spaces, Upload the QVFs, publish their sheets and then publish (or move) to desired Spaces, managed or shared.
  • qlik_saas_upload_files.ps1 - Special thanks to @Levi_Turner that helps me to create a simple script to upload local files directly to any SaaS space. The API has size limitation (600Mb), but it works fine and I don't need to install a service like QDT and I can use it any time that i want.
  • qlik_saas_delete_files.ps1 - Last year I needed to delete about 7 thousand files at my tenant, thanks again to @Levi_Turner that shows me how i can find a file at a SaaS space. This command line gave me the power to delete many files at a DataFiles SaaS Space using wildcards.
  • qlik_saas_delete_users.ps1 - Recently I created dozens of users in a tenant without Idp, and after they did their work I needed to delete them, but I didn't wanna do it manually, one per one. This command line tool aids me to delete that users using the same list that i used to invite them.

The scripts are not error-proof, because i'm not a powershell master, and I hope the community can contribute and make this a better tool.

These scripts are avaible at my Git Repository ( Enjoy them and write me if you have any trouble.


Pedro Bergo



Great job @pedrobergo . Thanks.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Muito bom Pedro, sempre compartilhando ótimos conteúdos.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Great work Pedro !! 👏

The script to delete all files from a Managed or shared Space saved lot of work from one of my customers. 


Congrats Pedro


Hello! Great job!

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