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Showing support message on top of the Qlik Sense HUB (forcing update client-side)

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Showing support message on top of the Qlik Sense HUB (forcing update client-side)


Communication is a key point for any project and failing to do it may compromise your success.

Having this in mind, I dedicated some time to find out a way to display a message on the Qlik Sense HUB and make sure that all users would be able to see that.

Thanks to @j_twardziak  and his post Showing support message on top of the Qlik Sense Hub page, my target was accomplished.

However, when I implemented my version, I realized that the header message was not being displayed on the HUB unless CTRL + F5 was pressed (a normal behavior for web). Then, how do you communicate with your users if they didn't receive the message?

In the document attached, I shared step by step how to implement a header message (my version) on the Qlik Sense HUB and what needs to be changed in order to force the client-side to be updated. Before doing any changes, ALWAYS make a backup of the files.

Here is how it looks like.

Header Message.png


Although I didn't have implemented @berndjaegle 's suggestion, he explains how to add an URL to the header message in the original post.


Qlik Sense environment

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise June 2019 Patch 1.
  • Multi-node environment.
  • Qlik Sense Repository Database is located in the central node server.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the changes shared here are not supported by Qlik.

Best regards,

Huberto Pereira Haidemann

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Excelente dica Huberto. Muito grato por ter compartilhado!

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