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Copy Cell Value in Qlik Sense

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Copy Cell Value in Qlik Sense

Currently, it is not possible to copy to clipboard cell values from tables or from text widgets. This is a very useful feature present in Qlikview. There is a threat in the community with workarounds and there are certain extensions with this feature, however it would be much better if this came out-of-the-box.




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This would be awesome in the native product. So many times I want to quickly copy and paste a value and I have to go through the process of exporting to Excel.

The plugin that someone tried to create for Chrome does not work either.


Maybe this can be posted to the Qlik user groups and LinkedIn groups to gain more votes.

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We need this feature.... Qlik people please......

From the current information and status on the feature request, this should be targeted in one of the next Qlik Sense versions (copy to cell value to clipboard - for tables).

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Hi there. Any commitment on the version - i was hoping June 2019 🙂

Looks like it it coming with June 2019

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Thanks for the support everyone, feature was indeed implemented in the June 2019 release!