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Native SVG support for image, icons, thumbnails....


Native SVG support for image, icons, thumbnails....


It appears that Qlik  does not accept .svg (or other vector image format) for thumbnails, image in dashboard, etc...

I think that would be a great idea, especially to manage web integration and support of different resolutions.
here an example of a svg logo I made :

As you can see you can zoom in/out without loose quality.


For reference, here is long blog post about why SVG is great : https://bumpsetcreative.com/10-reasons-the-image-format-svg-is-rocking-the-internet/


To sum it up :

1) SVGs are widely supported


2) SVGs are speedy


3) SVGs scale perfectly



4) SVGs are high resolution


5) SVGs can be styled through CSS


6) SVGs can be animated


7) SVGs can be rearranged easily


😎 SVGs support transparency


9) SVGs are great for readability


10) SVGs stand out

PS : I know there is an extension but that deserves to be natively supported for all kind of image.