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Update QS Desktop to work like QS server (internal chrome?)


Update QS Desktop to work like QS server (internal chrome?)


here an issue I had with an extension.

It worked fine in Nov 2018 Server. I tried it on April 2019 Desktop. Didn't work. I suspected that it was a version issue and that the extension developer used a deprecated function of QS.

It appears, after hours of reseach, that the issue didn't come of Nov2018 versus April 2019 but Server versus Desktop.

The Desktop needs the "var" javascript keyword while server accepts also "let", which as I understand https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2356830/what-browsers-currently-support-javascripts-let-keyword is a new keyword.

According to one of my coworker, it may comes from an internal chrome engine in Sense too old to take "let" into considerations. I believe this is the same Chrome that existed when the first QS was released, maybe 4 or 5 years old. Technology has changed since and an update would be very appreciated, especally for extension development/debugging/test.

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