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QlikView 12.10 End of Support nearing

Dear QlikView users,

This is just a reminder that support for QlikView 12.10 ends on 14 November 2019 in line with our current Release Management Policy for QlikView, see Policy Doc.   End of support is 2 years after the release of the next version, which was 12.20 - released on 14 November 2017.   In the table below, we highlight End of Support dates for QlikView versions for QlikView 12.X:

QlikView Version


End of Support

QlikView 12.10

November 2016

November 2019 *

QlikView 12.20

November 2017

November 2020 *

QlikView 12.30

November 2018

April 2021*

QlikView 12.40

April 2019

Not Determined Yet

We hope that you find the above information useful.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Qlik Support.


Kind regards

Global Support

* According to the published Qlik QlikView Release Policy as of July 2019.



I have a suggestion:
It would be nice if Qlik made a Long Time Support Version of QlikView.

In our company we have about 500 dashboards, our QlikView-environment consists of six servers. If a new version of QlikView is released we know from our experience, that it's not a good decision to install a IR or SR1. So we wait at least half a year or a full year to consider a new version. If so we have to build a testfarm and have to test
- whether the server setup is still functional,
- the performance of QVS, QDS and Clients,
- if every dashboard works as expected,
- what the new bugs are,
- how to reproduce them to report them to Qlik,
- are these bugs showstopper or not,
- which workarounds can we use
- and so on...

This process mostly takes half a year and then hopefully we can plan the go-live with the tested version. This version is then supported one and a half year. After one year we have to start to evaluate a newer version again (not the latest) to be on track with supported versions.

    0.5 years to 1 year waiting for a stable service release
+ 0.5 years testing
+ 1.5 years productive with the last half testing a newer version
= 3 years support time

In our environment this is not practicable!

With a long time support version with only bugfixes (no new features) to stabilize the version, there would be minor efforts in testing and a faster go-live.

Kind regards


Honored Contributor

Interesting! QV 12.10 expires before QV 11.2.



Sounds like Users of QV 11.2 is more than QV 12.10





I think that is Qliks problem. They try to force the users to switch from QV11.20 to 12.x, but the customers are satisfied with QV11.20 and maybe they (or some) fear the switch to the 12.x-track due to the shortened support time and every year a new release with new features.

So Qlik was extending the support for QV11.20 the third or forth time.

The old version is widely used and they have to support it. It uses another QIX-engine as QlikSense (they changed this with version 12.00 or 12.10), so they have to fix problems in two different QIX-engines. I think it is very expensive to support two different tracks.

We had to switch from 12.00 to 12.20 due to new servers with Windows Server 2016 (it's not supported for 12.00).

One thing that's good in 12.20 - in my opinion - is the "queued"-status. We have less failed tasks, since there is no timeout anymore, if all engines are occupied.


Kind regards,