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Administration et controle d'utilisation de QlikView


Je souhaite pouvoir informer sur l'utilisation de QlikView

en répondant aux question Qui, Quoi, Quand


    Durant Pierre     Application Ventes  01/08/2013    

    Martin Jaques    Appliation Achat      02/08/2013

Le fichier XML journalier créé dans l'environnement \ServerXX\...\..\WebServer\Log propose une multitude d'information mais n'ait pas facilement exploitable

Est-ce quelqu'un a eu à répondre à ce type d'objectif ?

Quelle méthode a-t-il été employé ?

A-t-on la possibilité de créé une macro permettant le dépôt d'information ?

Vos commentaires et idées sont toutes bienvenues


Le fil de discution est peut-être mal ciblé 


I want to inform on use of QlikView and

respond to the questions Who, What, When


     Dupont Pierre Application Sales 01/08/2013

     Jaques Martin Appliation Purchase 02/08/2013

The daily XML file created in the \ ServerXX \ ... \ .. \ WebServer \ Log offers a wealth of information but this did not easily exploitable

Does someone had to respond to this type of ask?

What method he was employed?

Can I have the ability to create a macro to the generate this information?

Your comments and ideas are all welcome

thank you

may be the discution is poorly targeted, sorry

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Hi Jean-Paul,

Sorry for the answer in English but my written Frech is not good enough. I'd recommend you to download and setup the System Monitor by Michael Terenzi, freely available in the QlikCommunity and regularly updated.

This is a QVW file built for server administration purposes, usage, peaks, license leasing and so.

Hope that helps.


Not applicable

I do not know if it fits my needs but I will try

To know that,  my need is not online but a monthly summary

Thank you for your idea

I'll let you know my appreciation 🙂


Not applicable


Today my server is broken !

I hope that, it is not install of System Monitor of Michael Terenzi!