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Can anyone tell me what does "LeasedLicenseCheck" parameter mean in Setting.ini file of qlikview desktop edition with leased license from server?

I have a need to lease license from a server without using internet. So i just want to change the three settings below




so that i can lease license from that server. Can anyone help me with this.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

You can find how to solve this issue you have on this thread

I am not able to lease the license in qlikview 11.2 SR6

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If you have prod server only you can lease the license. If it's prod server go to license tab in QMC and enable "Allow leased license " option.


Only with editing the settings.ini you couldn't lease a licence - you will always need to contact your server. For more see here: All you need to know about licensing QlikView.

- Marcus