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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Cluster QV with two nodes?



We want create a cluster with two nodes on our QV Server (one node no cluster) to separate the heavy reloads of the AccessPoint and QVS.

Now, we have the QV Server with one node, the reloads are all day running and the user experience is afected seriously. For this reason we want separate this services on two nodes. It is posible? What is needed?

Thnaks a lot.



Queremos crear un clúster con dos nodos en nuestro Servidor QV (un nodo sin clúster) para separar las recargas pesadas de AccessPoint y QVS.

Ahora, tenemos el servidor QV con un nodo, las recargas se ejecutan durante todo el día y la experiencia del usuario se ve seriamente afectada. Por esta razón queremos separar estos servicios en dos nodos. ¿Es posible? ¿Qué se necesita?

Muchas gracias.

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


Another small question 🙂

Where I must put the shared files/applications?  On the QS/QWS node or on the QDS, QMS, DSC node??


Thanks a lot!!