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Fresh Server/Publisher Install - QMC Keeps asking for QDS to be Restarted

I'm pretty new to Qlikview.  I did a fresh install (11sr7) of the server/publisher (seperate machines) and have 2 issues perhaps someone has an idea about.

The Qlikview Server service can only start from the Qlikview Admin account, all the other services can only start from the Admin account.  I'm forced to put the QVSupport account into both WinAD groups which doesn't seem logical/right to me much less implementing best practices.

A more pressing concern is the QMC Services Status shows green BUT the QDS shows Yellow and service needs restart.  I restart the serrvice on the box (it shows running already) and it's fine for a few minutes then switches back to needing to restart it again.  I tested in the QMC of documents and triggers are firing, distribution is showing and the AccessPoint shows the documents.  This is odd behaviour to me and wonder if anyone has an idea?


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Partner - Champion III

  1. Indeed this isn't logical. (QlikView) Admin passwords will change over time, which has a horrible effect on services. Your users will not hesitate to make you aware of this. Best thing you can do is to create a Service Account in your AD. It doesn't need any special privileges (fewer is better, but AD access is required for the DSC), except that the password shouldn't expire. Do not forget to make this account a member of the Local Administrators group on your server box (and of all QlikView local groups you are currently using)
  2. Hmm, not sure what is causing this. Did you consult the various QlikView service logs on both machines? They may contain indicators as to what is causing this repetitive behavior.




If you are going to run Server and Publisher on different boxes, you must use either use Domain Accounts for the services or use Certificates for service authentication. If you use accounts, the Domain Account(s) must be members of the Local Qlikview Administrators group on both machines.


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Thanks for your thoughts.

I may not have been fully clear at first.

1. The account is a service account in the domain AD.  The account is needed to be placed in the local qlickview admin and the local admin groups.  The Qlikview Server only runs when it's in the local Qlikview Admin group and all the other services only run when it's in the local admin group.

It's odd behaviour to me.  The other environment with Qlikview servers up and running only has the domain service account in the Qlikview Admin group.

The other kicker is the other servers are on win2k8 server and the install I performed is on win2k12 server.

So the question is - is this a 2k12 behaviour needing the domain service account in both local QV Admin and local Admin groups?

2. They are both in the local QV Admin and local Admin groups on both machines.  I'll see if the logs indicate anything.

Thanks for the ideas guys and help.



1. I discovered the other server does have the domain service account in both local admin and local qv admin.  I guess I missed it last week when I was diagnosing things.  So looks like this issue can be closed.

2. I just need to find out why the QMC shows the QDS needing to restart while on the servier it's running and I can generate tasks w/ triggers and it's reflected in AccessPoint.  Still attmepting to see if anything is in the logs.