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How to test the Dashboards?

How to test the Dashboards?

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Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

Hi Arjun,

you need to be a LOT more explicit about your requirements!


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Hi Andrew Whitfield,

before moving the dashboard into live, via publisher server or some another service,

How will check or test or validate the dashboards,whether the dashboard is Absolutely right or not.....

Is there any process or not?



All depends on your requirements.

Our procedure is to load a copy to a Dev folder that can only be seen by admins and test through the client and on desktop versions, then roll out to a UAT group over whichever client you use, then to go live once we're sure performance is consistent and the data is serving it's correct purpose.

Depends how many users you have, what your system set up is, where your data is coming from, who needs to validate each aspect etc.