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Reduction Fields


Im trying to make a reduction on a specific field for diferents users. I did it, but i have the following problem.

Im using the personal edition.

Supouse that exist two differentes users, admin, user1  and the reduction field is SalesMan. So user1 only acces to he's sells and the admin could acces to all sells. If i acces as user1, i  only see the sells o user1, the problem is that when i reload the script, as user1, User1 can see all the sales.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot

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Yo can remove  reload access from user1.

Log-in with admin and go to document properties security tab and deselect all the privileges you want.

Make sure admin overwrite security is selected.



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Thanks for the answer, but the thing is that i want that user1 could reload the script



I user reload document then it will have access to full data.

I don't think you can prevent this without removing reload option.




It doesn't help removing the reload option either... If the user has access to all data on the DB, then the user can just connect to the database and load all data. Either with a query tool or with another QlikView app.

To get any security, you must turn off database access for the user on the database.