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Running Qlikview on a Terminal Server


I hope this is posted on the correct Board.

We are trying to run Qliview Desktop and Qlikview Web (with IE plugin) on a terminal server, which is linked to our warehouse server. The user will log in from home on the terminal server (via a VPN connection) and then either call up Qlikview Desktop or access his models via a web browser. The web browser works as long as you do not use the IE plugin. The user is loaded as an standard user on the TS. When the user is given administrative privileges, the QV models can be accessed using either of the methods described.

According to our sys admin people the issue is that QV needs to register a .oxc or .dll when opening the desktop app or the IE plugin and that is not allowed with a user who does not have administrative rights. The TS runs Windows Server 2016 and the Warehouse Server runs Windows Server 2012.

I would appreciate any  guidance on how to achieve our goals.




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The rendering of QlikView screens can be very slow on high-latency connections, when using terminal server or remote desktop. The screen is build up tile-by-tile and the whole screen is refreshed each time a navigation action is done. This behavior is common to the RDP protocol when using it with highly graphical applications
As QlikView is a very graphical application, it makes the use difficult when accessing it through higher latency networks. The best solution is of course not to use terminal server / RDP or to use it only on low-latency networks. However, there are reason that terminal server / RDP access is needed, especially for changes to the user interface (‘Professional’ level), as this cannot be done via the web browser. Typical scenario’s where this applies:
• Multiple geographical dispersed branches which use one central QlikView server (especially in countries with slower internet connections, like Asia and South America).
•You should have no problems with running Qlikview on a Terminal Server. If you make sure that you configure and install it correctly it will run fine.

•You would probably want to engage our Professional services who are equipped and can provide best practices.  If you are Qlik Customer this can be arranged through your Account Manager.


Thanks Jill for the response. Our issue is however, not with the speed of the connection or any network issue. We want to run Qlikview via the terminal server using the IE Pug-in. It is how to get the IE plugin setup on the terminal server where the user does not have administrative rights.  


Hi @braham,

The QlikView IE plugin client is built on Microsoft ActiveX technology and utilizes the QlikView .ocx. So your IT team is correct in that the plugin client needs ability to access/register the .ocx in order to operate. It seems your environment requires administrative privileges for this to occur.  

With Microsoft recently ending support for Internet Explorer, QlikView has had to make modifications on how to configure the IE plugin client to work with Edge. The version of QlikView Server matters very much as well with the new paradigm for using IE plugin. Please review the following Qlik Support articles: QlikView Plug in support in Microsoft Edge Browser and Run Microsoft Edge in IE-mode to be able to use QlikView's Internet Explorer plugin.

Using the plugin client can be tricky in a virtualized desktop/terminal server environment. Since this client is a plugin, it has to be installed in every user's directory %Users%\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView in order to be used. The AJAX client (or web client) can be a better choice as there is no client that needs to be installed. Have a look at the Qlik Support article Differences between IE Plugin and AJAX for more information.

You may want to reach out to your Qlik account manager to discuss your business requirements and potential solutions for your specific circumstances.

Best Regards




Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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Thanks Chip for this response, I will most certainly review the articles you refer to.  I have always found the IE plugin to be a nicer interface than the Ajax interface, so being able to use it with Edge will be useful.