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Contributor II
Contributor II

Saving QVW through QMC taking long time

Hi All,

We have a clustered publisher implementation where QDS is running on two different nodes. QVWs are on separate nodes, so publisher nodes are dedicated only for QDS. We are facing an issue where all the tasks hitting to one of the publisher node is taking long time to save the file (QVW) to shared storage through QMC. We have tried looking at multiple possibilities but not able to zero down the issue.

Does anyone please share what happens internally while saving down a QVW to shared storage via QMC. I am aware that it creates a .tmp file for compression and we have noticed that this .tmp file is held for very long.

Help is much appreciated.

@hic - Appreciate your help please

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Asif Ali, let me see if I can help out here, but I am a little unsure of your exact architecture given how you wrote things up too.  Are the QDS services configured as a singe QDS resource with 2 cluster nodes, or is it two separate QDS resources with separate Source Document folders..?  That will help me if you can confirm this aspect of things.

So, that being said, the other pertinent thing here is what version you are running, as there are some new options for the exe.config that may help you as well, here is an article regarding some of those:

QMS/QDS best practice settings

Here is another one that may be helpful too:

Scaling Publisher

The key thing here is access to the QDS Application Data folder, if that resides on a file share, you need to ensure the disk response times from both QDS nodes is 4ms or less, if you are significantly higher than that, it is likely going to be problematic as far as performance and stability.  One of the new settings is the ability to set the QDS temp folder locally on each QDS node, which may help, but I am not certain, as I really do not have all the info I need in order to know for sure how you have everything configured etc.  This should get you started though, shout back if you have further questions.


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