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Shared expressions in separate objects

I am curious as to if there is a way to create a Straight Table object and store those values for another object to use? For example in the attached sample, I want the orders expression in Table A to populate the orders expression in Chart B. 

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Hi Kevin,

If you want to use the same expresion in multiples objects, you can enter the expresion in a variable and then use the variable in object expresion. Then when the expressions change, you only need change the variable value.

For set the variable in expresion object, you only need write $(VariableName)

You need this or you need take the values represented in one object as "data source" for another object?


Master II
Master II

Is this what you need?

PFA qvw

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Thanks Guzman,

I have used the variable in an expression before,  my hopes here is to only have to calculate the expression 1 time in the table and then populate in other objects in hopes to increase performance.


use of variable is a best practice but probably it doesn't improve performance

Testing the performance implications of variables and label referencing versus direct expressions » ...

if you want to improve performance of your app

Re: Performance Optimisation and Multiple Fact Tables