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What other process is allocating memory?

Hello Guys,

Maybe a dumb question, but I know that Qlikview  Server reserves memory  ( HIGG/LOW working sets),but I was wondering if there a program that can tell me if any other process ( where Qlikview is installed) is also allocating / reserving memory which will be fighting with Qlikview server memory allocation and maybe silently is allocating memory which is not allowing Qlikview to perform correctly.

I have an instance where QVS reachs up to 120GB and things go down hill, this is a physical server with 240GB of RAM. Shared files are clean, documents are develop as best practices( no macros nor actions in them), I am not using plug-in and No! I do not have the database installed on the same server that Qlikview is installed.

Any assistance will be appreciated!


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik
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Master II
Master II


You could use Windows Performance Monitor and Process Explorer.

Is it possible that it's a server physical configuration issue ?



SQL is another program that will try to set the Working Set and can try to use memory same as QVS. I would use  Task Manager to see what is using memory when this is happening.


Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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