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Add New field to the Load related to multiple tables (loop error)


I am trying to add a new field(New_Weights) to my document. This field should be idealy in the main table (FACT_TCE) but, if it wasn't possible it could be in a separate table. The thing is that i have 1 main table and three separate tables, all linked to the main one.

Main table:


Separate:                              Key field (common in this and the main):     Fields:

DIM_PRODUCT                              %PK_PROD                                        Product Line

DIM_GEOGRAPHY                         %PK_GEO                                          SupRegion 

DIM_CALENDAR                              %PK_DATE                                        FiscalYear

My new field New_Weights depends on Product Line, SuperRegion and Fiscal Year as u can see in a sample of the load:



SupRegion, Product Line, FiscalYear, New_Weights

EMEA, JP, FY17, 134561

EMEA, DA, FY17, 154162

AMS, JP, FY17, 876426

AMS, DA, FY17, 264561


Whenever i try to do this load it gets me a message saying that there is one or more loops and the result is not correct. I don't understand why this happens as i don't know either how to do it in another way.

Why this loop error occurs and how to solve it? (Or workaround)

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Contributor II
Contributor II

In Qlikview data model tables get automatically connected to each other based upon certain key names, fields with circular reference are not allowed in qlikview data model.

You can get rid of circular references by renaming the any field in loop if you do not need an association between them.

or joining tables and creating composite key.

I didn't encounter circular reference error in your above structure.
Can you post screenshot of Table Viewer (Ctrl+T)?

Master II
Master II

Please follow below link and you will be able to resolve it :

loops error