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Add an Action to a Sheet


I'm trying to add an action to a sheet that only displays data for the current month to date when you open it.

I have created two variables, one tells us the current yer and month the other the day of the month.

My first action works fine where

MonthYear =vMaxMonthYr

For my second action I want to display Day <=vDaysSoFar. (vDaysSoFar is a number, for 25/03/11 it reads 25)

However the second action is getting ignored.

Does anybody have any ideas how to get round this.

My MonthYear & Day are all based on a date in dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:00 format, I think this may be linked to my issue.

Any help greatly received !

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What does your variable vDaysSoFar store? Are you using the action "Select in Field"?




vDaysSoFar is a number representing todays date i.e 25 for the 25/3, and yes I'm using the select in field action.

many thanks

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Hi FirstMilk ,

what do u want exactly.. do u want to add an action to sheet or document.

Add actiond to Sheet:

do right clik on the sheet name(right clik on the tab) and clik sheet properties and now goto Triggers tab and

find, Sheet Event Triggers, OnActive Sheet, clik Add Actions.. Button

now add action what u want.

Add action to Document:

Goto Setting tab-> Documment Properties -> Triggers tab -> Document Event Triggers -> select Onopen and add action what u want.

the above actions are being performed, when u open sheet or open your Qlikview Document respectively..