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Aligning grid lines for two y axes


I have a chart with two y axes. I would like to show grid lines for both, though these are not exactly aligned. Is there a way to force this alignment?

Chart with one set of grid lines (not ideal):

Chart with both grid lines, not aligned:

Thank you,


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Yes, it's possible. You need to set the minimum, maximum and step values for the axes. See attached example.

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Hi Gysbert,

Thanks very much for this - this is certainly true. Do you know if this is possible to do if you didn't want static axes?




Using these settings don't necessarily mean static axes. You can use expressions to calculate the values for these settings. But afaik know it is impossible to allign the grids without making sure they both get the same number of intervals of the same size using the minimum, maximum and step settings.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand