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Allocated memory Exceeded

Hi All,

I am trying to open a QVW file and its throwing the error 'Allocated Memory Exceeded'. The qvw is of size 200 kb and QV version am using is QV11 SR2 64 bit on a 64 bit windows server. Please suggest. Thanks in Advance.

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There could be an error in a chart expression. Or perhaps you've added a chart with expressions and/or calculated dimensions that requires too much memory to be calculated.

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Thanks for the reply Gysbert, Is there any memory setting that can be changed to handle this issue. Because its working on the other system.


Yes, add more ram to your machine.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
Specialist III
Specialist III


200kb QVW size is not that much huge..I think once try to clear all temp files from your system.(We can use CCleaner)

after that try to open dashboard.

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Try opening the file without data and then optimize your charts to be more efficient.




Can you post your expression.

May be it need to be optimize.



Creator II
Creator II


Try to input your calculations o the load and ont in charts you won't have any more problems with memory.

You have to optimise your tables too (try to use QVD).

Could you share you .Qvw document ?

Hope it will help.