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Creator II
Creator II

App Response Varies Greatly

When I run my application the response is instantaneous, however, I have seen others run it on the same network and experienced a slow response. I have also just witnessed a colleague located in France suffer with a terrible response rate (our server is in the UK).

Are there any processes that could hog bandwidth that could account for the difference between two computers on the same network?

What's the best way to ensure all sites globally experience the same connection speed?

Forgive me, me experience in networking is very small!

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Like you said, it's a network issue. I doubt you will find the answer here.


Hello Matthew,

there are all kinds of things, that could lead to different user experiences, when working on different locations.

1st the browser you are using, eg chrome is by far the fastest in displaying the pages in QV.

2nd lots of local programs take bandwidth, starting with download of updates in the background etc.

3rd Network latency (the time data packages need to travel from client to server AND the answer back.)

4th Other applications sharing data over that network line (eg work load, backups, syncing etc.)

5th the data selected could result in different result sets.

You should consider trying them from top to bottom, if you want to optimize performance.

In general something like "Traffic Shaping" could reserve or prioritize some applications network traffic over others. But again than other programs could be slower.

Creator II
Creator II

Thanks Christian - that's a really helpful list!