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As Comparative Make Sales 201608 vs 201508, 201507 vs 201407

Good morning

Please I need help no longer how to solve this comparative

I tell them what I need to do, I was asked to make a report where I add sales AñoMesActual vs AñoMesAnterior. But that adds only month of AñoActual vs AñoActual_AñoAnterior month.

for example; if in 2016 my records arrive until August = 08, then in 2015 I add my records only of August 2015 = 08 not take encuenta the last month December 2015 = 12.

this who I talk and I show it in the report, but my problem arises when I select my tab X Year and the other tab select X Month in column AñoAnterior shows me what to 0, and the colmna the AñoActual if I show records. then when selecting a year and a month or one month, I need you to show me the sum of sales for the selected month and would not show 0.

I share the analysis set that I am putting to tell me that I am wrong or you can change something or put me an example


(Sum ({<[AñoMesCalendario] = {$ (= Max ({$} AñoMesCalendario 1))}, RENEGOCIAC = { 'N'}>} [V. N. Total VAT])) / 1000


sum ({<[AñoMesCalendario] = {$ (= Max ({$} AñoMesCalendario, 13))}, RENEGOCIAC = { 'N'}>} [V. N. Total VAT]) / 1000

I also put a sample image on my table as to make sales

I also show an image of the error that generates my report by selecting tabs

I also show an image without selecting tabs and there if you show me the results.

Thank you


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