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Average of sum

I am looking for one way to get an average of sum. I tried avg(sum(fieldname)) and in return I got only 0.

In my example I got car inspeccions done and I want to know in average how much I do by hour for instance.

My data is loaded inspeccion by inspeccion and has got all the information concerning the exact time it is done.

thanks in advance for the help,


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You could use the aggr function. Let's say you want to calc the avg of some sum per hour that would be


The aggr function gives you a list of values calculated by HourFieldname, which you then calculates the avg of.


This is a nested aggregation. You first want to sum the costs per inspection. Then you want to calculate some average. For instance the average cost per inspection would be

     Sum(Cost)/Count(distinct Inspection)


     Avg(Aggr(Sum(Cost), Inspection))

How you want the number of hours to influence the calculation I am not sure. Perhaps


and use Inspection as dimension?


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Aggr(Sum(Cost), Inspection) / Count(distinct Inspection)

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thanks for your tip.

I tried using aggr function but it didn't work as I was expecting. I end up dividing sum (receptions) by count (distinct calendardate) and it work perfectly.