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Creator III
Creator III

Canonical Date/Calendar selections not working properly

Hello all,

I have two container objects, of which I am using for comparative purposes. However, it seems there is an issue when trying to make date selections based on calendar objects. My charts inside the container are based on CanonicalMonthYear field, and I'm using set analysis to limit my expressions like this, CanonicalDate = {$(TwelveRolling)} where TwelveRolling is a variable for 12 months rolling data.

My issue:

I have two calendar objects so that the user can select a "Start" date and an "End" date. These calendar objects seem to work right with all my data, except they are not working right with charts. They work with tables/table boxes.

Here's some visuals:


Above I've made the selection with the two calendar objects. 1/1/2016 - 1/14/2016. You can see the values being selected in "CanonicalDate" list box. You can also observe "Canonical Month" is limited to only January. Notice how the charts still show data from Jan - Dec.

Now, I select "Jan" from the "CanonicalMonth" list box:


NOTE: I have NOT clicked "Clear" yet. I've just clicked "Jan" in the "CanonicalMonth" list box. Above we can observe the charts being limited to January data only, like I have intended.

Now, I click "Clear" and select "Jan" once again from the "CanonicalMonth" list box:


After I have cleared and made my selection, I can observe again that "Jan" is selected, and my charts are limited like in picture #2. Notice that qlikview is still recognizing "CanonicalDate" listbox, because it is limited to only January data, stopping at 1/31/2017 and not including any Feb, Mar, etc data.

Question: Why is Qlikview still "associating" these list boxes/etc together, but will only allow me to make chart selections based on list boxes like CanonicalMonth, CanonicalMonthYear, etc, but not CanonicalDate. NOTE: my set analysis is limiting my charts based on a DateType. I.E. DateType = "Shipped".

Is it the case that if you use a chart and limit the value using a DateType field you cannot make a selection based on CanonicalDate (since CanonicalDate was used to make the calendar)?

I'm very confused. Any help would be appreciated...

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