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Conditional display based on Variable


I just downloaded QV and watched some videos how to use it on Youtube.

Now I am trying to design my first report and i got some issues.

I successfully loaded Data from a SQL Server. There is a value called "Rating". It ranges from 1.00 to 99.99.

Now I created a Textfield with a variable "UserEntryRating".

So when the user enters a value (e.g. 95.50) the rest of my Report should only show Data where "Rating" ins greater than the value "UserEntryRating"(e.g. 95.50).

Is this possible? Or do i have to configure this per item on my Dashboard?

I first thought of another variable "visible", which decides if this entry should be shown or not.

Or is there another way to do this?

Thanks for your time.

Ps.: I only got Personal Edition to test it. It would be nice if you could descripe how you would do it.

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  1. I have created an Inline table with possible data:


  1. Then create the following variable vRating
  2. Create and input box with displayed variable vRating
  3. Create a chart->Straight table where dimension will be field
  4. In your straight table use the following expression:


  if(Rating>=95,Rating, 'Not in Range'),'')

And it all looks like this:


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thanks TerezaGr for your fast answer and the really nice Screenshots.

I still got a few Questions:

1. What does the $ sign do? Is it like in Excel to set a permanent value?

2. Why is it


  if(Rating>=95,Rating, 'Not in Range'),'')? The 95.50 was just an example if this refers to my post.

Isn't there anything like

if(vRating < Current Row Rating, Current Row Rating, ignore this row)

Italic means unknown function in QlikView.

Thanks again for your help.


PFA document


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As I wrote, its not possible to open a document that wasn't created by me in personal edition.

Could you please descripte what is done in that document and how this solves my problem?

Thank's for your help.


Please attach your document to help


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I've made a showcase cause of sensible Data.

Beispiel Skript.PNG

So here we got a table with 3 values.

On the GUI, is a Textbox and a Diagram.


Based on the number in the Textbox, the Diagram should only show values where minRating<Rating.

In this case it should only show "D" with the count 3.

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I tried to modify my count. But now it sais, that there are no data available.

I tried to create a conditional count like hereCount If  ‌but this doesn't work.

The count now looks like this:

count({<Rating={">= $(minRating)"}>} Another_Field)

It would be really great if someone could help me.