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Connect Multiple dates in defferent tables to one master calender

if I have accounting transaction table like
transaction_date, credit ,debit, cost_center, account
The master calendar is connected via transaction_date
now I have sales data (sales_date, item, cost center, amount) and I want to connect sales data to a master calendar and also I want to connect the sales data with a transaction via cost_center
but I can't make it with key (sales_date & Cost center) because sometimes there are sales without a transaction on the same date. So please help me how to connect both to one master calendar without affecting each other.

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Hi, there are usually two solutions for this:

- Concatenate sales and transaction tables, so you end with only one fact table, wichmakes easier other reltaions with dimesnion tables avoiding circular references.

- Add keys from sales to tansaction table, so transaction has all the needed keys to allow sale to reach the calendar, something like:

// Load all keys loaded in transactions
LOAD distinct Key as chkKey resident Transactions;

// Add keys from Sales not already loaded in transactions
Concatenate (Transactions)
LOAD Key, sales_date, Cost center
Resident Sales
Where not exists('chkKey', Key);

DROP Table chkKey;

 There can be other solutions like a relationship table but I usually use one of the two above.


Ok, I will try

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