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Contacts who hasn't read

Hi friends,

I need your help to solve this issue.

We have 3 tables-

1. ALL CONTACTS- Having Contact_ID and their  derived_Sectors

2. READERSHIP - The Contacts who has read any document.It contains- Readership_Contact_ID,document_ID that reader has read                               and the number of times the document has been read, named Read_hits

3.DOCUMENT - Contains the document details i.e. Document_ID,Document_Name and Sector to which document belongs .

The scenario is whenever a user selects a Document_ID, two tables/ListBoxes will be shown :

One showing contact_IDs who have read the document

Second showing contact_IDs who have NOT read the document and have their derieved_Sector (from CONTACT table) same as the Sector of the document (from DOCUMENT table).

For example if Document_ID 'd2'  is selected (as shown in the .qvw) then only Contact_ID =2 should be shown in 'Who read' (as per data in READERSHIP table). The 'Who has NOT READ' table should show Contact_IDs=4 and 8 (having derieved_sector as 'economics')

The excel sheet containing the 3 tables and the .qvw file is attached here.

Thanks in advance

2 Replies

May be this

Count({<docID, DerievedSector = p(Sector)>-<docID = p(docID)>}contact_id)

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Thanks Sunny ,its working. !!