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Controlling a bubble chart using a slider

Hi, I have the following QlikView use case:

I want to show different qualification of people joining the different type of industry in the workforce. In short the X-Axis will be the different types of industry, Y-Axis will be the different qualification type. The size of the bubble will determine the number of person.

Right now, i have a very big bubble chart with >30 data points on both X and Y Axis. Some of the bubbles appear to be very small and not even visible unless zoomed in. So i am thinking of adding in a Slider to select how many person to look at (which essentially means the count(personID)). In this manner, i will be able to hide away those very tiny bubbles that only contain a small number of people.

In my slider -> general -> data, i have selected Field and have the Expression put to "Count(Distinct ID)". But the slider is showing nothing. Anybody know how i can get this working?

Thank you.

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Hi Dylan,

As you have personal edition I can't share an example, but could you share a qvw to work on?

However what I would do is:

1- Create a variable call it v_min_bubble_size or something

2- attach this to your slider and give it a sensible range of values (maybe use max(aggr(count(personID),industry,qualification)) and min

3- set your bubble size formula to be if( count(personid) < $(v_min_bubble_size ),0,count(personid))

Or something along those lines anyway!